Why does red hair fade?

I love my reds but they fade.....
Why does red hair fade?
Why does red hair fade?

Ingredients Matter
Always opt for shampoos, conditioners, and stylers that are labeled “safe for colour-treated hair.” Check our @systemprofessional colour save range.
Reach For The Dry Shampoo
Water dulls hair color, especially reds. Hold onto your pigment by shampooing as little as possible.
Cold Water
When you do shampoo, go cooler with your water or give just-conditioned hair a nice cold rinse to seal the cuticle and preserve your colour.
Conditioning Masks
It's no secret that healthy hair means better color, and this is especially true for reds. Get ahead of process-worn locks with a moisturizing deep conditioner the day before your color application, and once a week thereafter.
Turn Down The Heat
Invest in quality stylers and heat protection products. We are obsessed with @ghdhair
Add Back The Pigment
Look alive between color applications with an enhancing treatment like our in-salon glossing services. @wellahairuki color fresh and @celebluxury gem lights are amazing for home remedies.
Wear A Hat
The sun is another serious culprit in the case of dulling color. Extend the life of your shade (and protect yourself from UV rays) try @systemprofessional sun range.
Refesh Regularly
Because of the nature of red pigments, redheads need an all-over color boost more often than their blonde or brunette counterparts. So for consistently rich, even colour from root to tip, be sure to keep those colour refreshes regular.