What is the difference between the ghd stylers?

Confused which styler is best for your hair type? We've got you! Check out our ghd styler guide.
What is the difference between the ghd stylers?
The ghd original IV styler, this is where it all started. It was launched in 2001 and soon became a cult classics. Its had a few nips and tucks over the years but the technology stays the same.
What is a ghd original?

It goes from 0 to 185°C in just 30 seconds. It is perfect for everyday styling of all hair types. its rounded barrel makes it easy to curl and create waves. the floating plates have a glossing coating to deliver a shiny finish. it has one heat sensor on one plate. They come with a 1 year guarantee from date of purchase.

The ghd gold styler. Our best seller. proven to deliver sleeker, smoother and healthier hair than the ghd original. 
What is a ghd gold styler?
The ghd gold range features dual-zone technology. This means it has heat sensors on both plates to give you salon results, no matter your hair type. The dual heat sensors keep the temperature at a optimum hair-straightening temperature of 185°C. These stylers are perfect for a smoother, sleeker and all-round healthier look. They come with a 1 year guarantee from day of purchase.
If your hair is on the thicker side and you’ve struggled to get a smooth finish all the way through your hair, the ghd max styler is for you It as the same technology as the gold stylers but two inch plates. Making it easy to glide through thick, long or curly hair. They come with a 1 year guarantee from day of purchase.
The ghd Unplugged.is ghd's first cordless styler. From the gym to date night, from the office to the party, top up your style with the ghd unplugged portable hair straightener. 
What is the ghd unplugged styler?
The ghd unplugged gives you 20 minutes styling time when fully charged. It is easily charged with is USB port. It still features the gold stylers specs. Dual-zone heat sensors and ceramic plates, It still gives a smooth styling experience but with a third smaller plates compared to the ghd gold. They come a 2 year guarantee.
The ghd platinum+ styler. The creme de la creme of the styler world.
The ghd platinum+ is a SMART hair straightener. Meaning is uses predictive ultra-zone technology to recognise the thickness of your hair and styling speed. It monitors the temperature 250 times per second to keep the plates at the optimum heat. This means that the plates do not loose heat as it travels down your hair shaft. (Heat transfer) The rounded barrel for easy curling and waves, achieve healthy, glossy hair in just one stroke. I would recommend this for anyone with compromised hair, i.e bleached, highly coloured or dry hair. They come with a 3 year guarantee from day of purchase.