What is the GHD Duet Style?

Essentially, it's a 2-in-1 styler that dries your hair while it straightens it.
What is the GHD Duet Style?

Go wet to dry with your GHD Duet Styler

It uses GHD's new AIRFUSION technology to act as a hair dryer and a heated styler (straightener) in one. It does it all without causing any more damage to the hair than a standard hair dryer would. It uses 45% less energy than GHD's Helios hair dryer so better for the planet (and your energy bills). The tool also has an option to be used as a normal styler (straightener), hence the 2-in-1 name. So, if you buy the Duet Style, you wouldn't need another GHD styler.

Turn on the Duet Style, wait for the motor to kick in and, after a few seconds, the light will flash to tell you it's reached its optimal styling temperature. Dont panic this is lower temperature than your usual styler as not to fry your hair.

Take each section of your hair and hold the Duet Style at the root for three seconds to ensure it's properly dry. Then glide down through the lengths 2-3 times, just like you would a straightener. Work your way through each section until the hair is totally dry. Hey presto straightening and drying in one.

Once your hair is totally dry. If needed you can also use the Duet Style as a normal straightener by putting it into Shine Shot mode. This turns off the motor and increases the heat in the styling plates to GHD's standard 185°C to get that shine and sleekness. Personally i am finding my not needing to be straightened till the following day.

What hair is GHD Duet Style best for?

After trying the product out for myself, I'd definitely say it's best for those with curly or wavy hair who straighten it every day. It works best on hair below shoulder length.