Why Does Blonde Hair Turn Brassy?

Combat that brass!
Why Does Blonde Hair Turn Brassy?
Why Does Blonde Hair Turn Brassy? For one, blonde hair turns brassy because it’s incredibly porous. It essentially soaks up everything, from the minerals in your shower to the pollution in the air and any products you may put in it.
The second main reason that blonde hair turns brassy is because the toner wears off.
Toner is a sheer overlay that counteracts brassiness once the hair has been lifted up to close to the desired blonde shade. It’s almost impossible to get exactly the right shade and tone of blonde hair color with bleach alone, so the toner works together with the bleach to create the ideal hue.
Combat that brass by booking a gloss and blow in-between your colour appointments.
or using a color fresh semi-permanent to cool that yellow. It's easy to use and available on our website.
Silver/Purple shampoos are fantastic but don't do it every wash or you could end up with a purple rinse 😬😬😬