Always use protection - why heat protectant is so important

Make safeguarding your locks a non-negotiable in your hair care regimen. Whether it's a cream, serum, or spray, the choice is yours! Let's dissect the unique benefits of each product and delve into why they should be indispensable in your daily routine!
Always use protection - why heat protectant is so important
Fed up with the daily struggle of untangling dry and heat-damaged locks? Enter heat protection—a non-negotiable for a blissful locks. This magical shield creates an instant barrier between your precious strands and the styling tools.
But wait, there's more! Check out these fantastic reasons to embrace heat protectants:
1. Prevents moisture loss caused by heat and environmental stressors.
2. Smoothens the cuticle, reducing porosity for a frizz-free mane.
3. Lubricates strands, making detangling and smoothing a breeze.
If you've been reaching for that straightener a little too often (...guilty), then it's time to invest in a heat protection/protectant spray. And fear not, for we've made it oh-so easy to find the best one.
Here is our top 3 heat protectors 
OI All In One Milk - Is a feather-light, multi-purpose leave-in spray treatment. It goes beyond the basics, effortlessly softening, detangling, taming frizz, and standing guard against the ravages of heat on your precious locks.
ghd Bodyguard Heat Protect Spray - A protective spray that acts as a guardian, shielding your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling, all while leaving it feeling silky smooth and primed for your favourite styling techniques.
Olaplex No.7 bonding oil - This rich oil provides intense nourishment for parched strands, repairing dry and damaged hair while protecting against heat up to 232°C. Enjoy a serious shine boost as it minimizes frizz and flyaways, leaving hair glossy and healthy.