Getting to know your curls

Like all aspects of beauty, textured haircare has been discussed at length across the industry, but that doesn’t mean learning how to care for your specific curl type and texture isn’t tricky if you’re just starting out. 
Read this expert advice on at-home curl care.  
Getting to know your curls

The notion of “finding your curl pattern”, along with curl type charts, has become synonymous with the natural hair movement. 

Categorising your curls doesn’t always guide you in the right direction for your individual hair. 

Curl type labelling is not hugely helpful – it doesn’t help you unlock your desired results. You can find someone on Instagram whose curls resemble yours, but your hair may respond completely differently to the same products. That’s because we’re all unique and no singular technique or method works for all. You need to learn about how your hair responds to moisture, shampoo, protein and deep conditioning. 

When trialling new products, we advise time to allow your curls to adjust and for you to work out how to best to use them. We recommend a minimum of four weeks to trial a product for at-home care. The key to elevated curls is making sure you feed the hair what it needs.

When washing your curls, finding a shampoo that doesn’t strip away the moisture you’ve introduced is also important for healthy textured hair. Davines Love Curl Shampoo is perfect for multi-textured curls, and breaks down product build-up without stripping your oils of essential moisture. 

For thicker hair, the pre-shampoo routine is as important as the products themselves. Sectioning off your hair and detangling with a wide-tooth comb, like GHD's detangling comb. Remember to detangle wet and dry hair from the tip to root, to avoid breakage and knotting.

For an excellent conditioner to add to your shelf, Curlsmith Double Deep Quencer. A curl care essential includes a good leave-in conditioner like the Curlsmith Curl Conditioning Oil - In - Cream. Full of the nourishing ingredients that curly and afro hair needs.

As well as ensuring hair is hydrated for juicy curls. We advise when it comes to drying your hair, do less rubbing, more blotting. Ditch your towel for an old cotton t-shirt, (It reduces friction, stopping damage.) 

For daily maintenance care, we recommend a moisturising spray, like System Professional Hydrate Quenching Mist Spray, as a simple and effective form of thirst relief. For tighter coils and thicker hair, daily mists may not cut the mustard, so instead alternate between a spray with a creamy hair lotion or butter, like Curlsmith conditioning oil-in - cream to seal in moisture.

For curl definition, try Curlsmith Curl defining styling souffle to enhance, anti-frizz and bounce. If you’re not quite sold on the texture of the souffle try Davines This Is A Curl Building Serum - a softer hold for bouncy curls. 

For years, heated tools have been typecast as the villainous foe of natural hair, but the truth is that using heat successfully is all about technique. We advise using a diffuser and a low heat. Aim at the roots and keep your dryer moving.