Why keratin is good for hair? Read our blog!

Keratin is known to be secret to achieving stronger, smoother and shinier hair. We all know of keratin treatments which promises long-term smoothness for those with frizzy hair.
We've all heard of keratin but what is it?
Why keratin is good for hair? Read our blog!
Keratin is a protein that is the building block of our hair. We can lose or destroy keratin due to our hair regimens, (colouring and styling) resulting in dull, weakened hair. Making sure hair has the optimal level of keratin keeps it healthier, stronger, and smoother. 
But did you know that maintaining and repairing keratin requires lipids?
What are lipids?
Why does my hair need Lipids?

Lipids are fatty acids and, along with keratin, they make up the hair structure. While lipids are only 4% of the hair, they are essential for healthy hair.

If keratin are the building blocks of the hair, lipids are the cement. This means that lipids are important because they fuse keratin together to build the hair structure. When we lose lipids, the walls of our hair become unstable. The keratin bricks become loose. If these lipids are not replenished, our hair becomes dull, weak and dry.
How we loose lipids and keratin ?

1. Haircare- our morning shampoo to daily combing and brushing

2. Styling - colouring, perming or straightening your hair

3. Weather – Sun damage

How to help prevent lipid loss
Protecting your hair from the sun try System Professional Solar Sun Oil. perfect for in and after sun exposure.

Using heat protection, ghd bodyguard is my go to favourite. 
'System professional lipid booster!'. I cannot live without this product. I use it twice a week, (I wash my hair daily) it offers deep hair regeneration and creation of new bonds within hair. (The lipids). It instantly improves the structure of the hair. It is a must have for bleached hair.

Hopefully the above now helps you understand why keratin is good for hair. x